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Kannah Creek Brewing Company
Kannah Creek Brewing Company
1960 N. 12th Street
Grand Junction CO, 81501
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West of the Rockies there is an ancient volcano known as the Grand Mesa, the largest geographic feature in the world of its kind. From this mountain runs a creek called Kannah that flows into the high desert of the Grand Valley of Colorado and offers some of the purest water in the United States. At the foot of the Mesa in Grand Junction, we stand, Kannah Creek Brewing Company, where we turn this pure untouched snowmelt into award winning, classic American craft ale.

Since 2005 Kannah Creek has been turning the finest ingredients and a privileged water source into amazing craft ale with a focus on quality and tradition. With several awards to our name and a town full of friends we found demand soaring, and our 7 barrel system couldn’t keep up. We have expanded into a 12,000 sq. ft., state of the art 30 barrel production facility, Edgewater, in South Downtown, Grand Junction, Colorado.

CORE VALUES & BELIEFS Craft beer is for everyone!! We are true to ourselves and each other. This means supporting our Kannah Family through friendship and hard work. Get outside. Drink a beer. In that order. We need our community and it needs us; together we can and will be a force of good. Great beer starts with great water. We are Kannah Creek and we remember every day that brewing beer with these headwaters is a privilege to be celebrated and respected. Craft beer is an art, science and pastime rooted in hundreds of years of rich tradition and our beer will embody and continue this path. Bringing people together to craft new memories is the heart of what we do.