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Outlaw Restaurant
Outlaw Restaurant
610 Main Street
Ouray CO, 81427
(970) 325-4366
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Joe Bonatti purchased the Bonatti Building next to the Citizen’s State Bank in 1937. He also purchased the Outlaw Building from John Cresto. In 1946 a Rio Grande Trailways bus broke loose across the street and crashed through the front and 2/3 of the length of the room. The counters and fixtures were smashed to kindling along the front of the cafe. Accidents often result in improvements, which was true in this case, as the cafe was restored. By 1947 Rudy Bonatti had graduated from Fort Collins Agricultural College, returned to Ouray and was proprietor of the cafe. On December 10, 1948 Joe Bonatti passed away. Joe was born January 17, 1874 in Barangia, Italy. He came to America in 1894 to join a brother who lived in Central City, Colorado. He then came to Ouray where he met Christina, whom he married in 1917.

The Bonatti’s immigrated to Ouray in the early 1920’s buying the Outlaw Building. Their granddaughter Chris sold in April 2009 to the Choates. It has been a restaurant since the 1940’s and The Outlaw since late 1968. We welcome you to it’s western charm & friendly atmosphere, adorned with old family photos, the Duke’s Hat & other memorabilia. Come in where past and present merge.

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