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Best Beer & Bike Trips - Summit County

June 25, 2017
If your travels take you to Summit County in the brief mountain summer, you can take advantage of bike paths that are snow-covered half the year to hit several great breweries.  

Start in Dillon at the Dillon Dam Brewery, then ride accross the namesake dam on the Dillon Dam Recpath.  Pedal into Frisco and hit Backcountry Brewery a full-service restaurant like the other two on this ride. Once you're rested make the 9-mile ride to Breckenridge on the Frisco-Farmers Corner and Blue River recreation paths.  

Hit Breckenridge Brewery at the south end of town for dessert and a vanilla porter.  If your legs are too tired use the free Summit Stage bus service to return from whence you came. 
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